A lot of waffle and a little bit of wit.

So… This was not quite what I had in mind when I decided to pursue a career in teaching… I suppose that the crash and burn that happened was inevitable given that I was nowhere near prepared enough for the dedication and pressure that being a full-time teacher requires. Then again, at least I knew when enough was enough and took myself out of there; who knows where that road could have led… My head is currently giving me the whole “long walks off of short piers” analogy, but hey-ho.

(A side note before I allow myself to delve even deeper into this nonsense; I attempted a PGCE, enjoyed it, worked myself into a frenzy far to quickly and burned up within about 3 months. Not ideal, but that’s life. Now, onto the blog proper.)

Anyways, after several months of bouncing from numerous interviews and various little bits and pieces, as well as various delightful discoveries (both old and new) and the occasional celebration (Insert Carribean cruise over the 2016 Christmas period during which I slid down a volcano and befriended a turtle, plus my brother turned 18 at the beginning of April, so off we went to Dublin for a long weekend and I turned 22), I finally decided to make use of the fact that my life now spends an even greater amount of time with me sat on my ever increasing backside.

As such, this blog became inevitable, I suppose. But at least we can try to use it and make some positive developments.

If you’re still with us at this point then thank you for putting up with my previous babbling; I learned fairly quickly that university lecturers don’t take kindly to Ross-Noble-esque branching idea-trains and torrents of verbal diarrhoea, as such this blog might have more than a few. (I have just over 3 years of this to get out of my system. Not the greatest amount, but the gods be damned, I’m going to get it out of me somehow!)

My name is Nathan, I am a graduate of Edge Hill University where I studied Drama and English Literature, I have an adoration of cats, bats and (most recently) bunnies (thanks to the ever-enduring presence of my future spouse). My interests are wide and varied, though if I had to narrow it down, I would probably procrastinate until the last minute and then throw a list in which books, anime/manga, tabletop gaming and steampunk/gothic all get mixed together alongside rock music, video games, scuba diving and LARPing.

This blog is essentially a place for me to vomit up whatever idea floats past my mind when I remember to log back in and attempt to develop something cohesive without needing to submit it for scrutiny (Though if it becomes available, I will probably spam it like a rat in a maze pressing the good food pill button).

Mostly it will involve my various escapades into the numerous tabletop worlds that I frequently (though not frequently enough) delve into with friends both near and far. Book and manga/anime recommendations will crop up on numerous occasions, as well as the odd photo dump with stories of happenings in my bizarre little world (holidays, scuba trips, LARP events, attempts at cookery or the attempts at costume/prop making; probably with the help of the wonderful future-spouse and/or her flatmate and/or various other people I know and love).

I have no idea how long this will last, but I have been meaning to start a blog properly since I was in high school, but the drive was never great enough to really give it a shot. Well… here goes nothing.

(For those interested, the banner photo was taken during the cruise I mentioned earlier. A proper post will possibly be made in the near future.)


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